Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ciao We Made It to Italy

Our house got packed up into many crates. Ethan went to a daycare while they packed our house. It was a really boring 2 days. After they packed up our house was completly empty.

Then we began to clean and cover nail holes. It wasnt too much work cleaning. We keep our house clean anyways and we hadnt lived in our 3 bedroom on base very long.

Monday the 23 of July we had our final inspection for our house. It lasted less than 8 mins and everything was perfect for them. We then checked out of the hotel and Josh had loaded the car earlier. Then off we went to head to MO.

We arrived in MO about 14 hours later and check into our hotel. It was huge! And very nice. The next day we ported our car for shipment overseas and then just relaxed (as much as we could) hung out in the Jacuzzi and pool.

The next day we got bussed to the airport and got our lugage checked in. We hung around the MO airport for about 3 hours then went on the plane. Landed in New York then flew to Italy.

Ethan did great on the plane. We each had our own screens in front of us on the back of the chair in front of use. So he enjoyed watching happy feet, cars and toystory. Then he slept the rest of the time.

8 hours later we landed in Italy. 

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