Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Finding a House In Italy

Josh was given two days off after his main briefings to go house hunting. Wednesday and Thursday were the two days. I was so anxious! Mainly because houses are limitied for the really nice ones. And this is the high PCS season so lots of new military families arrived when we did.

So I didnt want us having to settle since the houses would be gone to others.

Wednesday finally got here. A guy from Joshs shop (work) picked us up and off we went. He had a GPS so we would put the address of the houses in and then head that way.

The hardest thing was the language barrier. Most lenders did not speak English. So it was like Ciao, can we look at your Casa? lol They would usually hand the phone off to someone that spoke better English.

Secondly the time was always against us! Italians go on this crazy long break from 12-3:ish. Every company closes down. They leave for thier dinner, which is eaten at lunch time. So its really hard to get anything done! Even though we would be out in the AM most people wouldnt want to meet till 3pm. They basically all would say that when we called, 3pm?

We got lucky with a few houses and the guy would be there working on it.

The houses are nothing like houses in the US that I have ever seen. They dont have carpet. Either wooden floors or marble. Marble like thats on peoples counter tops! Can you imagine your kid falling on a pure polished marble staircase?!

Also here in Italy there are NO/ZERO closets! Crazy eh? The windows are different also. They open all weirdly and most dont have screens. And then there is the 
bidet (US play /bɨˈd ). You can google it and find out for yourself what it is. But it is right next to our toliet so I get two things to clean lol in the bathrooms.

We did get to see some houses. And they all veried. There was a really creepy one with a creepy cellar. What ever just came to your mind when you read creepy and cellar, thats probably what it looked like! Then there was some really nice ones but they were 30 mins from base. Which we might of taken if it was the states. But you have to rem this is Italy, and they drive insane here! Ill have to post about that soon.

So on the second day, the night before I was looking at the Classifieds and I saw a listing for what it sounded like a house just what we were looking for. It didnt have a picture though. Which makes you wonder. But we called anyways and the man was there in the AM! So we drove out there.

Definatly fell in love with it right away! After getting to the 3rd level and seeing the big living room/family area I wanted this house! Mainly all the houses we had seen had small tiny living rooms. Smaller than our last house.

We talked about it more that day and we decided thats the house we wanted. Josh didnt want to look at anymore houses. So we called the guy up and we started the renting process. We move in August 17th!

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