Monday, August 13, 2012

Time At the Lake

We headed off to Lake Barcis today. Josh has off this week so we are finding things to do outside of our hotel room. I think we might just go crazy if we have to spend any extra time in there. BUT we move into our house in a few days!

The lake was beautiful I could probably spend the whole day there. We first walked around the area and hiked around the lake. Then Ethas very anxious to go in the water! So we headed back down. In the middle of the lake there was little island type things of sand and rock. So we hiked down there.

Instantly Ethan said "Shirt off, pants off." Then he ran into the water. And realized it was ice cold! Well we walked around and found a few good spots. Josh walked around taking pics and Ethan played in the sand and water.

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