Sunday, August 5, 2012

Our first outing

We headed up to the mountains. Not too far from base prob like 10 min or less. There is actually a city in the mountains. It was cute. But I couldnt imagine living up there. Though some military do.

We drove around the city. There were people walking about, tons of cyclers. That must be one of the in things to do here. We acutally had to stop in a middle of a round a bout while a huge group of about 20 cyclers were taking a group pic.

Then we parked our car and walked a trail. In the middle of nowhere on an Italian moutain. Ethan loved it, and when he would go too fast he would say "I gonna fall down!" it was funny.

Prob the funniest part of this outing was the time we deicded to sit under some trees. So we head up there. Josh was already under them and he was about to walk into a huge spider web, and also had a scary spider on it! Im like dont move theres a spider web and spider!!!!

He heard spider and dashed out. BAHAHHA that was the fastest I have ever seen him move. Ethan however was walking behind him so I had to grab him because he was about to walk head first into it.

It was a fun day on the mountain.

Afterwards we drove down. And explored some of the cities. Ended up at a market. But they were closing up. Here it Italy from 12-3pmish no one does anything, businesses close. It thier big rest period, break, dinner time. Its crazy. 

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