Friday, August 24, 2012

On the move

We have internet at our house now! Time to update!

We have been keeping busy lately. Josh has had the past week off and then a few Air force Family days off also. 

We spent time out and about. The other day we joined another family from a church we have been visiting and we went to the zoo! It was a lot of fun. Somewhat the same as an American zoo. But also different in the same time. 

We saw a lot of animals and then some were hiding. I think the highlights were the seal exhibit, which was within reach. Ethan loved feeding the goats! And seeing all the other animals was really fun. But nothing will top the South Dakota Reptile gardens for the reptile exhibit lol. 

Ethan counting the turtles. He was saying- 1,2,6, 1,2,1,2,4!

Cool seal exhibit!

Feeding the Goats 

In Italy when a family has a baby they decorate thier gate, fence, door with colored ribbons (blue-boy, pink- girl) It was funny to see that at the zoo they did it for new baby animals that were born. 

Mommy hippo and baby

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