Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Recap of the past 4 years!

                                                     November 2007 Josh graduated Basic

                                                         April 4th 2008 Got married
                                           About 3 days later Josh headed to South Dakota to
                                          his first base. I stayed behind to Finnish my last month
                                          of college.

Josh was hit with a big blizzard in South Dakota in APRIL!
While I was finishing the last week of college. After my last final my friend Laura
and I headed to South Dakota!

Got to South Dakota the first week of May 2008. There 
was snow on the ground!

First trip to Mt. Rushmore!

Rushmore Cave 

First base picnic 

Winter 09
                                                                 Our first winter in SD
My first time seeing snow fall
and living in it! And shoveling it lol. 

It was crazy!

Started playing bunco with my friend Stephanie 
spring 09 

Cosmos Mystery Area summer 09 
Survived it and was pregnant lol

September 15, 2009
                                                              Ethan Daniel was born
7Lbs 2Oz 

                                                       Josh's homecoming July 2010
After 6.5 mths

Ethans turned 1. 
His hair was really long lolll

2 years old! 

Homecoming  Jan 2012

Last Bunco May 2012


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