Monday, April 23, 2012

Whats going on?


So we have orders to Italy. And it still has not hit us. Probably because we have a lot of paperwork stress to still get done. Waiting on one more major paperwork. Then we can get the ball rolling and set up a pick up date for all our household things, notify our housing people we are moving out, get our visas, Ect. 

Its been kind of stressful thinking off all the things that will need to be done. Yet watching the weeks pass by but there is nothing we can do yet. "Hurry up and wait". Is def the military motto. 

A lot of people have asked me how I feel about moving to Italy. But to be honest it has not hit me or registered at all. Like I said above. Right now we have just been focusing on getting passports, and turning in lots of paperwork. I think it will hit us once they are FINALLY done with all our paperwork and we get a move out date. I cant wait till then, lets have a party when it happens...

But we got orders to Aviano. I joined the spouses group and have read up on a lot of info. Will be a whole different lifestyle over there. They dont have on base housing. So we will have 30 days to find a house to rent. We are excited to find a place that we get to pick. Lots of other changes and adventures that will come along the way. But will be more ready to think about it once all this paperwork is done. Def. not at the fun part of Pcsing right now. lol

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