Monday, October 6, 2014

Summer Time recap--- Our flight to AMERICA

So much has happened since my last post. It has been a busy summer!
My sister Erika came and visited in the end of June, my mom headed back home end of May. Then we had the 4th of July festivities. Then end of July Josh headed off to the states for training. And we decided together that it would be good fro the boys and I to head to AZ to visit the family. 

 So we headed to base Wed July 30th early in the am. We had already signed up for the base plane. Its all by standby by so we waited. shortly after we got called up and we got on. :) America here we come. :)  Josh headed to the states the next day, so it worked out well.

We took the rotator (base plane) first it stopped in germany which is like an hourish flight. We had a short layover there. Then we headed to the states, baltimore. That flight was 8.5 hours long. Not going to lie, it was pretty nuts with Ethan. Hardest part was it was day time the whole trip so he did NOT sleep. Also I didnt bring his carseat onto the plane. So he enjoyed unbuckling and buckling his seat belt for: his pillow, his car, a cracker he dropped, his blanket, need to pee, need to pee again, need to pee... wait you just peed twice..., just to stand up, just to be annoying, look it clicks when I take this off. ..... o.O 

Buuuuut we made it to Baltimore. We took a shuttle to a nearby hotel for free and stayed the night. We flew delta and thier last flight didnt give us enough time to land and re board, so we got an early AM flight which also saved us 300 dollars... not bad.

Here is the list of all the crap  belongings I lugged around LOL

2 suitcases, 4 carryons (diaper bag, backpack, pump bag, Ethans backpack), 2 carseats, 1 double seat sttroller, and a duffel bag, and 2 children. 

Ethan did roll his backpack for 10% OF THE TIME LOL

The next morning we woke up at 3am and we were ready to go (yay jet lag) but our flight was at 6am so we waited around some. Channel searched on American t.v. 

We then had two comercial flights, one was like 4 hours long the other was 2 hours? Something like that. Ethan did well on both flights. Only one incident was when we all went to the bathroom. When it was my turn he took off to his seat alone. Luckly when I was done, he had made it to his actual seat. 

He only had a new tattoo on his leg that he gladly gave himself. And he wanted my middle seat so he could continue siting next to the poor man in our row. Which he thought was going to be his new best friend...

We then arrived in AZ, Joshs parents picked us up and it was so nice to be home. It was defiantly worth the long trip. :)

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