Monday, October 6, 2014

Visiting home

We headed to my parents house on and off between Joshs parents house. And my first day there I got to business with my sister Tera on her room. It had been bothering me for about 2 years almost. So we went to get some paint and we plunged into it. She did all walls a nice sandy cream and we did a striped accent wall behind her bed (red, darker red, grey, white and the cream) I think it turned out very well! Love it! I latter made her some matching curtains. Came together just right. 

Tasha at the splash pad

Great Grandma Knepp holding Logan

My sisters! Me, Tera, Tasha and Erika

Erika and I took the boys to Jump street. 
Erika captured this action shot of me... LOLLL!!!

We went to Chic fi la (this was prob the 5th time LOL)

Snow cones!

Erika acually lives in Florida. And she came down her b-day weekend and suprised us all!! Only my dad knew. Tera and I were at Joanns (for awhile, like 2ish hours) and we got a call that my dad wanted to bring us all out to lunch. So we headed back. And walked throug the door to see Erika. It was sooo nice getting to be with all my sisters! What a great suprise! This was at Garicias (mexican food) on Erikas bday, the Fishes came with us. 

Grandpa knepp (my dad) brought Ethan fishing one day. He did not catch anything. But we heard he had a lot more fun casting and recasting. 

We had such a great visit with my family. Too many memories even to write. Icecream man, splash pad, movies, chic fi la, going to church, snowcones, swimming, suprise visit from Erika, fishing, savers!!!, thrift shop finds, stocking up on clothes, eating moms dinners, reading stories at night with Ethan, mom rocking Logan to sleep, Driving Tera and Tashas car with them (they think I drive toooo slow), pictures, memories, laughs, We miss you all~

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