Monday, October 6, 2014

Spending time in Chandler with the Olsons

We are so blessed to have such great family in AZ. And I am personally blessed to have such great in laws. We spent half our time at my parents house in Glendale and the other half in Chandler with Joshs family in Chandler. They are about 45 mins from each other. But it was soo great having all the family in one state!

Grandma Olson got to meet Logan for the first time :) He enjoyed smiling and squealing the whole time with everyone. 

Auntie Erin enjoyed seeing and spoiling the boys 

Great Grandma Johnson recently moved close to Joshs parents house. So she got to come over a lot. Logan always fell asleep in her arms with her "byeya bye" song. So sweet. 

  we went to Organ Stop Pizza. Never been but its super cool. Its a huge organ and tasty pizza. This guy sits there and plays requested songs. Then the oragan plays and different affects happne like lights and bubbles. Erin requested Let it go (frozen movie) for Ethan. And he played it. :)

Joshs parents have a pool and Ethan enjoy utilizing it. He could prob swim everyday all day if he could. Towards the end of our visit he swam a few times without anything. But he is very daring so we had to have a close eye on him. 

Micah joined the Olson clan houshold. He is attending IBC. Ethan was glad to have him around. 

We had such a great time visiting with Joshs family. I am so glad we got the opportunity to go out and visit them. And for them to see the boys. We were all spolied and we are so thankful for everything they did for us. 

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