Monday, June 30, 2014

Logan Shane- Birth Story

Josh waiting in the room with me for the surgery

Just born getting cleaned off

                                                        Changing Logans first diaper

Going home :)

Logan Shane Olson

On tuesday Morning May 6 2014 we headed into the base hospital. We arrived at 745am. They didnt have any room ready for us to wait in. So we sat out in the waiting room for almost 1.5 hours... Finally they lead us into our room. Where we waited even more. There was one lady ahead of us. While wating they had me hooked all up to a monitoring system. And I was even contracting every 1-3 min it was nuts. I thought he wasnt going to wait and just come then! LOL

Around 12ish they were finally ready for us. I had a csection (emergency ) with Ethan But this was much different and a little scary since it was premeditated. Like jumping into a deep lake. Walking into the surgery room was like a movie it was all clean and bright and very cold. 

After doing the spinal they laid me down, put up the curtain and were ready to go. They got Josh and he came in. Thank goodness because I was getting scared alone! They tested me a lot for the numbness. I didnt feel anything so they were good to go. 

Then Logan was born. I got to see them clean him up from the corner of my eye. I couldnt believe he was smaller than his brother (and cooked longer) 6LB 15oz 18 inches. Josh said he looks just like you he has your nose! LOL After they cleaned him up and everything, Josh brough him over and they took some pics. 

They finnished me up then brought me into the room we would be staying in. After settling in the room. Josh left to go pick up my mom and Ethan to come visit. While he was gone I started hemorrhaging. It was pretty scary. A lot of people came in and they were weighing the blood. It was nuts. 

Josh came back with my mom and Ethan and it was totally the wrong time! LOL How you imagine your son and mom meeting your baby, did not happen. They were in there for a min and things got worse so they were let out.  My whole face was itching (from the spinal) so they gave me a benadryl. They gave me a few other things one after another to stop the bleeding. And it didnt seem like it was going to work. So they told me they would have to bring me back into surgery and try a procedure and if that didnt work I would have to get a hysterectomy. 

I started crying after that cause it freaked me out. And Josh didnt even know what that was -.-  But anyways they got it undercontrol. thank goodness. But back to the benadryl. So I was feeling like I was going to be knocked out from that stuff. But I fought it the whole time. Because I was afraid I would wake up again out of surgery, it was creepy felt kind of like I was going under into the tunnel! If you know what I mean. This is why I dont take benedryl! 

But once everything got calmed down mom and Ethan came back in. Ethan was so proud. :) He loves his baby brother. And was disapointed when he had to leave. And wondered why Logan couldnt come too. And I think he was a little concerned aobut me, because he came over to the bedside and said mom you feeling better now?

After finally being able to go home Thursday afternoon I was excited. It was time. I was over the hourly check ups and ok food. But they gave me excelent care and the nurses were very nice and great. 

So no sugnificant reason why we chose Logan. But every day almost I would name off name ideas to Josh or he would come home with a brilliant name. I said Logan one night and Josh liked it. Later on he realized thats Wolverines name from xmen also. For his middle name I as going to do Lee, thats my moms maiden name. But since we really have no attachement to that last name (dont even know my gpa) it felt weird going that route. So instead I saw the name Shane, and thought that was perfect. because my moms name is Shay. So hes named after my mom. I guess not many people knew that, my own sister just heard that for the first time the other day and hes 7 weeks old now LOL.

But we are now blessed with two boys! And so excited to show him to the family!

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