Monday, October 29, 2012

Only in Italy will you find...

I thought I would write about some differences we have learned to adapt to these past months living in Italy. 

Above is a transformer. We use these on any of our American electronics that are not dual voltage. Each transformer can only take so many watts so you have to be careful or you can blow your transformer. We had a 300 watt transforer and I plugged my iron into it and it blew. The iron was 1500 watts! Crazy.

Italy recycles. Its def a huge life change. And its not like in America where you have a huge trash can and a huge recycle can. NO we have a little can for non recycable things (dirty towels, diapers), we have one for glass, we have one for card board/paper, we have one for food wates, and one for plastics! PHEW! 

                             We are issued a washer and dryer, I got a huge American fridge, but I didnt luck out in the oven department. Since my oven is build in. I have a Italian oven. It has one rack I will be surprised if a 5 pound turkey will fit in here. The settings are crazy, Im still trying to fig it out.

See what I mean!

This is in Celsius. Instead of converting it. I usually just put it on max LOL

Here is our cabinets for plates, bowls ect neat.

Our walls are cemet. AND A PAIN. We have to be careful and use special nails to hang stuff.

This is my DRYER It takes literally 3 hours to dry something. And its not like in America. The dyer
sucks the water out of your close. They aren't dried by just heat. And then you have this gallon thing that
pulls out and  you have to empty the water. I don't use it unless for emergency's since it takes so long, its a waste. 

This string is in all our showers. If you pull it it makes this ringing door bell sound in the whole house.
I suppose its for emergencies. But it also sounds identical to our door bell. So we get each other now and then with it. LOL

The Bidet
There is only 1 in our house out of the 3 bedrooms. Of course its in Ethans bathroom so he constantly plays with it!

These are our light switches. And still we dont always know what turns on what. Its kind of annoying lol!

This is not our phone. Our house has a gate. So when people visit, they ring our gate buzzer. We answer and can unlock our yard gate from the phone. Pretty cool Eh?!

The different plugs we have on our electronics here in italy. And the wall plugs.

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