Friday, November 16, 2012


We headed to Slovenia last weekend. Its one of the only (two?) countries with completely open borders. Since we dont have passports for travel we cant travel anywhere else besides within in Italy. 

So we took off and got to the border after 1 hour of driving (not bad). Only thing is we got stopped at the border. Naturally I panicked! It was scary but I guess you are supposed to buy this travel pass sticker for your window. For anyone that has been to a state park, like Custer state park. Its just like that.

Also when they asked for ID Josh gave him his Italian drivers license and his AZ drivers license... Not sure why he didn't just show him his military ID. But if anyone hasn't seen his AZ one.. Its a crazy pic (on purpose) so that's embarrassing! But the guy ended up asking if he was military and he became more understanding!

He didnt fine Josh. And let us buy the window sticker at the border. So we were good to go. After being lost in the city for an hour we finally found the main city we were looking to be at. (We do have a great working GPS but someone didnt write an address down LOL)

Good to go with new sticker pass on window!

Once we got to the place we were looking to get to. We walked around the city. It was really big and I havent seen modern high rise buildings since the USA. Seemed really familiar like AMERICAAA. AHH. Anyways. So we walked through a little market, we walked and looked around in a big mall. We also then found the big theater!! They play movies in ENGLISH! WOHOOooo. So Josh bought the tickets. Also this theater was as big as a IMAX. 

We had some time to kill so we walked around the city. It was very beautiful. Also there is this bridge called the love lock bridge (I think) and people from all over bring a lock and lock  it onto the bridge! Pretty neat.

The only downside was it was cloudy all day. But lately it has been raining/cloudy every weekend for almost a month here lol. It will be sunny then weekend hits and its cloudy. Kind of reminds me of South Dakota. How we would always have the worst blizzards or weather on the weekends. Lame I know. But looks like its going to be sunny this weekend! And this week for Thanksgiving, not bad!

                             So we walked around the city. Some India guy was playing Indian music. Josh bought these nut things. I think they were chestnuts? I dont know we weren't a fan. Tasted like weird potatoes to me lol. 

See the Castle at the mountain top?

Lock bridge I told you about 

Ethan did pretty good in the movie. In the beg he sat on his own seat and ate his popcorn. Luckly he never was loud. Just got wiggly from time to time. But it also prob wasnt that intersting of a movie for him and it was more than 2 hours long. 

The lady next to us talking in Slovenian (I think) told him he could have some of her popcorn. He gladly accepted. He was like yomm yammm yommm. LOL 

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