Monday, December 3, 2012

New news

Today was Joshs first day with his new rank! So proud and excited for him. :) Ethan and I went to his promotion ceremony thing on Friday. And I got to punch him in the arm. I was just there to take pics. But then he called me up. LOL

I'm still volunteering at the daycare on base once a week. Then Ethan goes 4-5 times a week to play. Its working out well. Its nice to go grocery shopping in peace or come home and clean without recleaning two steps behind myself. 

Our murano randomly stopped driving about 3 weeks ago. And we have been trying to get it fixed. It sat at the base mechanic place for 2 weeks with no answer. Then last week in the pouring rain I escorted the tow truck man onto  base. 

After a bleeding scratched nose (from Ethan), a million buckets of rain, bringing the tow man the wrong way through the gate (and him getting stuck), he brough our car to the Italian Nissan dealer. 

As of right now they found the problem and will be making sure that they have the part in stock here in Italy. (which will be great, please pray for this) If not we will have to figure out other options and it will take even longer to get our vehicle back. 

Also the biggest news of this week is Joshs new upcoming deployment date. We didnt get much notice at all, its very soon. Also this will be the longest deployment we have ever been through. Thats pretty much all I can say. So if you can please keep us in prayer. We will be busy enjoying the holiday. Then we have to be in deployment ready mode soon after.

This weekend we went to a couple Christmas markets. It was fun to walk around. We purchased a few things. Ethan decided to run off through a crowd and get lost. One thing I love about Italy is they love kids. And a few people were watching out for him and showed me where he was lol.

And there he was hands in his jacket pockets strolling down the Christmas market. He is getting to smart for his own good sometimes. LOL

This is one of the little towns we walked around. Isint it beautiful? 

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