Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 The Review

As each year comes to an end its almost natural to look back to see what happened that year. Time always seems to fly by, but this year seemed to go much faster than any other year. 

          The End of January, Josh came home from
              an almost 7mth deployment. 

Ethan got his first bike

We went to Deadwood for our b-days

February we got orders to Italy 
to be there by June 

April Josh and I went to Kauai! And we celebrated
4 years of marriage! :)
We went to the beach and on a scary zip line!

June we headed out to visit family. Our first stop was in Oklahoma.
We were in Joshs mom and dads wedding renewal. 

We then went from Oklahoma to Arizona
to visit more family.

On Fathers day we got Ethan dedicated in our church in AZ

We enjoyed the summer in SD together

We enjoyed the summer with good friends

Had to say good bye :(

We really are leaving!
Packed up our house and we headed to Missouri to
drop off our car and fly to Italy. 

We flew to Italy, stayed in the hotel on base for TOO LONG, found a nice house,
got my Italian drivers license. 

Ethan turned 3!

Josh made Staff Sargent! He started ALS (airman leadership school) it was
a long weeks and he worked really hard! We are very proud of him!

We traveled from the mountains to the beach. We tried yummy foods. We had
family time.

Phew! This year has defiantly been full of life changing events! I am so grateful and blessed with the friends and family I have. Looking forward to see what 2013 brings!

Happy New Year!

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