Sunday, January 13, 2013

Update on Ethan

Wow where has time gone! This past year flew by and now 2013 Ethan will be turning 4! FOUR! Thats just nuts!

Ethan is doing great. We started potty training about 1.5 weeks ago. He will be 3 years and 4 mths next week, and I think its the perfect time. I see soo many parents start wayy too soon and its just a mess. I have a friend that told me the best advice she had for a boy is to wait until 3 to potty train.

Which thats what I did. And its good advice! He def was not ready anytime before.

He also has been talking away. He is defiantly caught up. If you dont rem Ethan started speech therapy at 18mths. At age 2 he still was only saying about 3 words. He just started exploding sentences after we moved here. I just cant believe how much he says. Also how much he picks up on. 

Not much else is new going on here. Just potty training. But its going well. He even stays dry when we go out. 

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