Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Spring is coming!

So Im excited that spring is around the corner. As along with new changes around here.

I got a job at one of the Child centers on base. It was a lot of paperwork and waiting since they use a 2nd party for thier hiring. But I found out I start tomorrow  It worked out because they had one spot left in the 3 year old room. So that was good.

Im anxious to see how this will pan out. But at my interview the manager lady said that they would be hiring for a front desk position soon. So the plan is to float around the daycare and then apply/hopefully get the front desk job. Which will be more my cup of tea hehe.

So Josh is currently trying to find us a second car. If you didnt know our new used Murano died. UGH its hard to even talk about. But moving on lol.. we think we found a good car but Josh has to set up a time to meet. Its hard with Josh working swings so we will see maybe this weekend.

Not much else is going on here. Josh is still working swings. Cant wait for the day he goes back to days it just so much nicer having him home at nighttime. Also on a regular schedual. :)

Ethan is doing great potty training. He stayed dried all the time when we did the volunteer day care center. His newest phrase is "Whats that for?"  He says the funniest things. And he rems everything! It fun now too because he will tell you about his day.

We got him a Tball and he was out hitting it with Josh and I for a little while this weekend. It was nice and sunny this weekend.

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