Wednesday, February 27, 2013


About 2 weeks ago now, we headed to Verona for a day trip. They were having their Love Festival. So we headed to go check out what Verona was about. It took about 2 hours. We walked around an old stadium, and walked around the city, bought some chocolate, Ethan got a free balloon. It was a good day!

It very beautiful here in Italy. Sometimes it hard to take all in! Still cant believe we live over here. 

Ethan and Josh being goofy

Also this past Sunday, the 24th was Joshs 26th b-day! We had a nice day relaxing. And I made him
a cheese cake which I accidently burnt. So it looked like chocolate cheese cake LOL! He recieved some nice gifts. It was a good day. 

Ethan thought it was his b-day and he was very bummed that he had no presents to open. Sorry buddy!

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