Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring has come!

FINALLY we have gotten some amazing sun here in Italy. Its been so gloomy, rainy and cloudy these past weeks. Saturday we were awoken with SUN! :)

This weekend we spent a lot of time outside. Sunday we went to the Spring Festival. It was very nice. And I wish I was able to take some pics but didnt grab the camera. And Joshs phone was charging at home. But there was tons and tons of flowers, plants, veggies, fruits, fruit trees. This went on for more than a mile.

We walked around and tried to plan out our garden. We bought some red peppers, yellow peppers, tomatoes, strawberry, and raspberry plants. All the plants were healthy and had some tiny fruits already on them.

We also got 8 cartons of strawberries for 5 euro. And they are amazing.

Then later Sunday Josh, Ethan and I got the garden ready. It had a ton of weeds and growth in it. We even found some planted plants from the last people. We got it all under control. And now they are all planted in the garden. Looks good. So wish us luck! LOL

It was a great sunny weekend. :) And its all fun and games outside, until a big nasty black wasp looking thing comes flying into your hair LOL!

Also we have been looking for a metal swing set for Ethan for our yard. We have tons of space and wanted something for him to do. So I been posting a wanted ad in our military base classifieds. And a neighbor man ended up giving us thiers for free. Josh touched it up and painted it some. And Ethan loves it. :)

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