Thursday, April 18, 2013


Havent made a post about my quilts. But I have been a little busy here and there this past year and recently sewing. In South Dakota a few of my friends and I would meet weekly for our sewing group. I think we got more eating and chatting done than sewing, but it was an essential time of our weeks.

Summer 2012 made for friends baby

Not the completed pic but a quilt I made for Ethans toddler bed
Spring 2012

Snowball Quilt 
Still nameless 
Did this as a quilt along with my two friends Kristen and Teresa
Spring 2012

Winter 2011
zig zag quilt for Ethan

Fall 2012
Made this for my Aunt Amy
It has breast cancer ribbion theme

Some finnished blocks for my star quilt
still working on this one
Spring 2012-recent 

Recent Quilt! Almost done. Working on it for Ethans
new twin size bed. Car themed :) 

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