Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall is here!

The weather is cooling down here. Some days its cooler in the morning then warmer towards the middle of the day. But it has been nice. We have gotten some rain also. 

We have been busy unpacking and organizing the house. Everything is almost together. Just have a few more boxes in my craft room! :)

Josh finishes school tomorrow! So his graduation dinner is tomorrow night. I will post pics of that event afterwards. 

Im currently in the process of starting to volunteer at this coop daycare on base. Its all volunteer ran by moms. Its open 9-12 all week. But basically you volunteer one day 9-12 then the rest of the week you can drop your kid off and do errands and what not for free. 

It will be nice to get Ethan and I out of the house. He also can use the time to play with new friends. But had a physical and tb shot. So have to turn in that paperwork tomorrow and should just wait for my references to clear. 

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