Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Busy busy

So the movers came last Monday. Since Josh is in ALS school I had to handle it myself.
It wasn't too bad.

We had boxes everywhere!

We are almost done unpacking. I cant wait to get all these empty boxes and packaging paper out of our house! But everything is coming along nicely! We will take pictures once everything is set up. But we are very happy with our house! :)

Not much else is new. Josh is still doing school and busy with that. I have been focusing on unpacking during the days and cleaning up the messes Ethan makes while I unpack. I unpacked all my sewing and craft things the other nigtht.

For fall festival we are dressing up as, Woody, Buzz and Bo peep from Toy Story! I couldnt find a Bo Peep costume so I made it. I think it turned out well! I have to take it in a few inches prob. But I know my Granny would be proud lol.

I have a little long sleeved cover up to wear over it. And still have to make the staff and bonnet.

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