Monday, September 3, 2012

It Is September!

I can't believe it is actually September now! So crazy that we are now in Italy. And even crazier how much time has flown by since Josh got home in January. We got orders February, went through tons of hoops. Flew out in July. Time moves fast!

Also Ethan will be turning 3 in two weeks! 3!! I cant even believe it! He is getting so big!

We started potty training this week. It has been gradually progressing. Right now we are just focusing on going in the potty. We got jelly beans for him. ANd he gets one if he goes. If he sees them he can pretty much go on demand lol!

His birthday is the 15th. Not sure what we will be doing. I hope we get our stuff! Still waiting to receive all our belongings! Right now we have loaner furniture from base. And loaner silverware/pots and pans. We are just really ready to get our stuff and start settling into our house. 

Ethan has been really excited about his birthday. He asks a few times a day for cake and friends coming over for his bday lol. We told him we will tell him when its his bday.

This week Josh starts Airman Leadership School (ALS). So he will busy with homework and learning for about 7 weeks. Then he graduates! Im very proud and excited for him. I know he will do well!

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