Friday, September 14, 2012

ALS and other stuff

So Josh is currently in ALS (Airman Leadership School) so he is crazy busy with school all day everyday of the week. He will be doing this instead of going into his normal job for 6 more weeks. Haven't done it but it seems to be like college, tests, lots of homework/studying and projects ect. 

We are hanging in there. Right when I thought I would go crazy in a house with NOTHING, trying to entertain Ethan all day, we got word our stuff and car arrived to Italy!

So Monday they will be delivering our belongings! Finally get our bed, craft supplies, can do sewing again, will have all my kitchen supplies, can make mashes potatoes! The good things are unending! Not having your stuff for 3 months really stinks!!!

So good by rental furniture and empty house! We are looking forward to settle in! Finally!

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