Friday, October 19, 2012

ALS is over

Last week Josh graduated and finished ALS. It was such a relief. Im sure more for him. He was crazy busy.
They had the graduation ceremony last Thursday night. It was nice. And I was very proud of him. :)

Now life is back to normal for now. He started work and has a whole different job than at Ellsworth (South Dakota). Im just glad things are smoother now.

Ethan and I start at the volunteer daycare on base in a week. He will be in a room and I will volunteer in another room. Should be good for us. He was very excited to play with "FRIENDS" while I was doing the orientation. 

We really need to start talking more about potty training. Right now he dosent care about it. His doctor said that if he isint interested to not even start. Im glad she said that. I feel everyone is always rushing thier kids into things. 

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