Thursday, March 27, 2014

8 mths :)

32 weeks was just the other week. I think I will be 34 weeks this weekend. Time goes fast. He is def feeling big in there and moves all the time. Like visible body parts sticking out moving. He seems to be a lot lower than Ethan was. Ethan was always kicking my ribs which really hurt. But I havent had that this time around. Instead new interesting pains LOL.

Really cant complain. I still have my energy as Im not tired. The biggest thing is normal pregnancy back pain and hip pain. Thats about it.

This past weekend we (Josh and I) moved around Ethans room. And started painting the crib and dresser. The crib is Ethans old crib, and the dresser was a white dresser I got from a military family moving for free.

Painted Crib 

Top of nursery quilt

We got done with everything and the room is all aired out now. So I will have to take final pics and post 
them once I get to it lol. But we are really loving his nursery theme , "little monsters" its super cute :) 

So we are more prepared with the nursery this time around. As with Ethan he didnt have a crib till he was like 6 weeks old. Which dosent matter in the long run anyways since they sleep in a bassinet in parents room
for a couple mths anyways. 

My mom bought her tickets and will be here my 38th week. She will be staying a few weeks. And my csection is scheduled for May 6th. So either way he will be here by May 6th. I think he will come on his own earlier. But maybe since Im expecting him to come early he wont lol.

Still no name or name idea list.

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