Saturday, February 15, 2014

Well hello 3rd and final trimester :)

28 weeks, 7mths and onto our last trimester! Crazy how fast time goes. Seems it is so much faster when your busy with another kid already.

I promise I dont look as crazy in person. I dont know but I look in the mirror and then pictures in taken and somewhere in between I end up looking really bad. I dont get it. But w.e! LOL I feel like my face is getting fat! LOL BLAHHH.

Anyways everything is going well. I am not sick anymore. Feel fine. I have a lot of back pain at nights on busy days. So I just try to lay and relax when that happens. He is getting really big in there and seems to only favor my right side, like a huge ball on my right. Moves a lot in there, especially at night time. I can feel his foot all over the place.

Ethan is excited for him to come out and asks me almost everyday if he can kiss my tummy. This is something he started on his own lol. He used to ask to see my stomch and then he would growl at it.. LOL He asks all the time when he can hold his baby brother. 

Still no name. But that will not happen till birth for sure, just like when Ethan was born. So stay tuned. :)

My mom is officially coming down for the birth. And we are very excited and greatful. Its so hard to plan when she should come down. Since we have no idea when he will arrive. Ethan came early and he was baked and ready at 37 weeks, 7LBs 2 oz, so he was pretty big for that early! I have a csection at 39 weeks. But I hear they schedual them on Tuesdays and my turn day (day I turn my next weeks) is on Saturdays, so by the time I have my csection I will be 39.5 weeks. I dont think I will make it till then. But if I do my kid will prob be 9 Lbs no joke. 

So my mom is coming down the very beginning of my 38 week. And then staying for a mth. I think that will be good time. :)

Kind of gettting a little nervous about the birth and everything. You kind of forget that they have to end up coming out and either way its going to be unfun and painful. But it will work out. Im sure. :)

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