Friday, July 26, 2013

One Year

                                           Home is where the Air Force sends us

One year ago today we landed in Italy. It funny looking back all the craziness and adjusting we have done but we are just fine. :) Hard to believe we left our South Dakota base , our only home we knew as a family and headed to a foreign country. Then minets after landing and being picked up, my husband was told he would be deploying that year. (Which he just got home not too long before we moved!) And here are some other random memories:

Then we waited to see if Josh made Staff, which he did YAY!

Lived in TLF wayyyy too long (the on base hotel)

Oh and our A/c in our room was BROKE so it was very hot!

I remember I was all anxious at the commissary because it was so much different. There is a weigher that prints out a tag/price for your produce. *Blew me away lol!

It took me awhile to figure out where everything was, we have 3 separate parts to this base (miles apart)

We finally got a house. But it was empty. lol Our stuff didnt come in until a mth later. So Ethan and I would be so bored no car no stuff. But we made it through that!

We didnt know how to work our a/c units so it was hot

I found out that there are scorpions here (no one mentioned this) when I found one on our bedroom wall

We had our first taste of Italian pizza and gelato (yumm)

Realized our American money isnt so great here- 1.33 USD = 1 euro

We went to Ikea, wow that store is amazing!

Had fun figuring out our electricity over here, you cant run two big things at once! So you cant run the washer and dryer at the same time, or bake and dry something ect  (the circut blows almost every day)

Learned some Italian

We make sure to get gas before Sunday, since the gas stations close on Sunday. But you know we always end up needing gas on Sunday lol!

I thought we had a dish washer , turns out its a mini fridge :)

They dont do refills here

No butter on your popcorn at the theater

OR ice in your drink!

The cabenieri lolly popping (google it!) still scare me...

Gotten used to the crazy Italian drivers, and you think Phoenix is bad!

Pepperoni pizza is not pepperoni its peppers LOL

The American Pizza is not pepperoni pizza its topping is French fries (guys I know this from experience)

Everything closes down for risposo from 12-3pm the Italians big break in the middle of the day. So you cant get much done/

Weve gotten to do some nice traveling and more to come since we have our passports now

The beach is nice and the lakes in the mountains

So some great recaps on living over here, im sure there are a hundred more. Just cant believe its been a year! So fast. And we have two more to go. We definatly miss friends and family and America. But we are taking Italy in and enjoying this experience. Heres to 1 year!

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