Monday, July 15, 2013

4th of July and peter pan

Fourth of July we headed out to a big waterpark. Its called Aqualandia. Josh went on the bigger rides with some of his friends and Ethan and I hung out in the smaller kid slide area. It was really nice. 

Minus the guys in speedos and little girls with no tops. Thats how they do it over here lol. But hey they must save a lot of money on swim suits. HEHE

Ethan was really afraid of the slides when we first got there. But then he started going down them himself. Josh went down a few with him also. And I went down the white one with Ethan in the double tube. I have to admit though, yes, I was scared. Im not a ride person guys. So even this slide that just curved didint even drop or dip I was pretty scared the first time LOL!

Then we watched the petter pan show at the park. No, we didnt know anything they were saying. But they did sing the I can fly song in Italian so that was fimiliar. 

After Capt. Hook was defeted and the story ended. They had children come from the audience. They then had them hold onto the front of them and they swirl jumped off these super insane high diving boards (like in the pic) That was nuts and I should of taken a pic. But I was just so speechless! LOL

After the waterpark we went home and rested up. Then headed that night to see fireworks on base. It was nice that they did that. Before the fireworks they had a real traeze act. LIke they drove motorcycles on the wire and everything. It was nuts. 

Then the firworks came. It was a really nice show. Makes you miss America!

But it was a great 4th of July! :)

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