Monday, July 15, 2013


Fathers day weekend we went to Croatia. Our first official country usuing our new travel passports. We have been to Slovenia but they have open borders.

We had a great time exploring and checking out the town we were staying in. Josh found us a nice apartment we rented and stayed two nights.

The first day we went on a ferry in the early morning (with our car). Took about 1 hr and half then we got to this other island. It had a really nice sandy beach. Josh enjoyed swimming around with his snorkling gear and Ethan and I hung out on the beach. It was a lot of fun.

The second day we headed to this big national waterfall forest. Tons and tons of waterfalls. The pictures just dont do it justice.

Then we headed home. The drive was about 5.5hrs not too bad.

*They had an out door ocean organ built by the water and the water pushed through it making music
*We walked aroung thier huge outdoor market
* had tasty gelato
* tried learning some croation words beforehand but they speak english there
* 1 us dollor = 5.75 over there (nice)
*we got our first pass port stamps in our travel passports

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