Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summertime Nears

The weather has not made up its mind here in Italy. As we have has some amazing days full of rays. Yet then when the weekend arrives we have gloomy rain! BOO.

This past weekend Josh had a three day weekend. So we tried to fit in some fun. Its been kind of busy for Josh latly and he has been working at nightime. 

But we decided to head to Jesolo. Its a beachfront town. We took Ethan to this Aquarium/Reptile/Amphibian exhibit. It was pretty neat. There was sharks, fish, lizards, snakes, penguiens ect. 

There was also this room full of butterflies. Ethan was terrified of touching them because they are bugs. But finally when we where about to leave the room he decided he wanted to hold them. So he did. :)

The we walked through this dark room with glad exhibits on both sides. And you could barely see anything but dark room lights. And I was gazing into through this one window and BAM this animal was there. Scared the pee out of me. I have no idea what that thing was called. But I rem seeing one before. 

Then we walked around the little shops. And we had lunch. Then Ethan begged and begged to go to the beach. So we took him to the beach. There was a nice playground on the beach. So he played. Then Josh bough us all fun Popsicles. 

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