Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Monday

So another week begins. Another week down. Things are going well here. Ethan still has his moments. But it seems he only breaks down when he is really tired or wants something really bad. Like tonight for example:

After dinner Ethan was playing with his cars and I was cleaning up. Then I decided we would go walk and check the mail. Ethan already had his bath for the night. He was looking all cute in his zip up car jammies. As we walked down the steps to head to the mail box. He decided he was going to mow with his mower the whole way there. It was really cute. I even laughed.

After I grabbed the mail. I noticed Ethan never stopped at the mailbox. Instead he was happily heading down the col di sac street. I guess he wanted to mow the whole base. Who knows what was in his mind. I stopped him and tried turning his mower toward the house. But he did not like that idea. 

Instead he had a huge melt down and was rolling around on the road... Who knows what people were thinking. If any were watching. It was rough, and after a few more melt downs we made it inside.

Now looking back it was pretty funny lol. Josh thought it was hilarious.

Josh came on skype tonight but the connection over there wasnt very good. So we couldnt skype. Ethan was all excited too. He always runs over and asks daddy daddy? He loves seeing him and hearing him. Even if Josh just talks on the mic without video, Ethan knows its his dad.

A few days ago he was on webcame and Ethan showed Josh every car (almost) that he owned. LOL hes like dadda dadda, car car, vrooomm and he rolled it on the desk, then he showed him the next one and the next one lol. It was very funny. 

So handsome

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